Things To Know When Choosing Images for Your Virtual Store

When we talk about images for your virtual store or e-commerce website, there is no doubt that the image of the product and/or service is extraordinarily important. Bad images can stagnate your sales, but quality images are crucial to promoting your products in the best possible way and presenting your online store as desirable and trustworthy.

Images, without a doubt, are a great complement to any online store. They help separate the text on your portal and give potential customers a visual example of the things you sell on your site. Images are an excellent opportunity for your online business to effectively attract your audience.

So, how can you correctly use images in the design of your virtual store? In this post, we will give you 10 tips to help you use images correctly in your virtual store.


Make sure your images are relevant

When you add images to your online store design, you need to make sure they are relevant. Images are intended to optimize your website and provide a visual aid for the products and/or services you offer on your pages.

Make sure you are using relevant images on your page. Your images must make sense on your portal. Think about the images your audience would expect to see if they were visiting your online store.

The most important thing is that you don’t use images just for the sake of using them. They should add value to your page and provide your audience with an extraordinary visual representation to enhance your copy.


Use original images

If you want to achieve a greater impact on your audience, the best thing you can do is use original high-contrast images. These types of images add authenticity to your e-commerce site.

This doesn’t mean you can’t use stock photos, these can also be great for enhancing your portal, but original images give your audience a better idea of ​​your online business.

You can use original photos of your workplace, your products, services, or your staff. This gives your audience a better insight into your business and how it operates.

This way, they can get a visual representation of your portal, which helps them better understand your online store. This is key with photos of people. By adding original photos of people, you can capture that authenticity.

Additionally, you can offer users a visual representation of the people who enjoy your business or interact with your business.


Create Infographics

Photos are not the only type of visual image you can use in your virtual store. Infographics are also a very popular type of image that many companies use.

These charts are visual elements that display facts, statistical data, and any other relevant information. It is an excellent means of attracting users to read important information.

When you design your virtual store, don’t just use photos. Photos are great for improving the user experience on your portal, but so are infographics, they are interesting and attract users.

If you vary your images to keep your audience engaged, you will improve visitors’ experience in your online store, positively influencing their purchasing decisions.


Use a lot of images for your products

Images have a huge positive impact on whether people buy your products. If you are publishing products in your virtual store, try to use not just one, but several images of your products and/or services.

When people see multiple images of your products, it helps them understand your product better. They can view the product from all perspectives. You can also post several photos to show the scale of the product or show it in use.

This will help your audience better perceive your product and see it for themselves. This is a great way to get more conversions for your online business.


Optimize your images

When you use images in your virtual store, you need to optimize them. Image files can be large files that take up too much space on your portal.

Therefore, be sure to optimize your images so that they do not slow down your website. Well, if your page takes a long time to load or loads too slowly due to large image files, you could lose potential customers.

To prevent this from happening, you must optimize all your images. Additionally, you can compress the image size so that it loads faster. This will also greatly help your page load in just a few seconds.

Don’t forget, especially if you have a site with too many images, to optimize each of them to avoid your site taking longer to load.


Rename image files

This almost always tends to be overlooked. Many people simply stick with their default filename, whether it’s the naming convention of their camera or a stock photo site, however, when it comes to SEO, it’s critical to include your focus keywords to help your eCommerce website rank for them.

Creating a descriptive and keyword-rich file name is essential for image optimization. Search engines like Google not only crawl the text on your portal but also the keywords included in the image names.

Therefore, it is important that you take a few extra minutes to rename your images, but remember not to do things with keywords.


Choose perfect, non-generic stock photos

Yes, stock photos can be a good option when you don’t have time to do your photo shoot, but sometimes it’s not the most convenient option.

There are plenty of overused stock photos out there, and if you’re using one you know you’ve seen before, chances are your audience has too. But you can get some unique and free images too, check the Bouns Designs high contrast images.

If you don’t have the time to do your photo shoot or create a custom graphic, take the time to find the right stock photo.

Look beyond the first page of search results. Find a different image and that is also a very good combination for your brand. Even look for images that you can edit or customize to fit your needs and get an original image.

There is no doubt that images are among the most important elements of any e-commerce site, so it is essential to use them wisely. Images have a huge impact on how potential customers experience your website.

Therefore, make sure you choose the right images so that potential customers have a positive experience when browsing your virtual store.

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