Some of the Most Common Causes of ED

Erection dysfunction, or ED, is one of the conditions where the disorder’s side effects can be harmful as well.

Physicians everywhere agree that treating ED like a disease like typhoid, malaria, etc. is not appropriate. Alternatively, ED may indicate more dangerous, unidentified disorders.

Comparable to fever, which is a warning indication of an impending serious sickness rather than a disease in and of itself. A person with ED may simultaneously be experiencing symptoms of another condition that they are not yet aware of.

Because of this, before prescribing Fildena 100mg , Vidalista 20mg, and Cenforce 200, our doctors ask for several test results. This is done to see if ED is a symptom of another illness.

Factors contributing to ED


Smoking is directly linked to over a million cancer and asthma deaths annually worldwide. Nonetheless, the number of smokers is growing as an increasing number of adolescents become addicted to nicotine.

The organs perform less well when there is not enough blood or oxygen in the body. Consequently, a weak erection occurs from insufficient blood flow to the penis during sexual stimulation.

Excessive use of alcoholic beverages

Drinking is only problematic when it crosses boundaries. On the other hand, moderate alcohol use can help ease anxiety and stress.

But initially, when consumed in excess, it damages the nervous system. The brain no longer controls the organs. Essential enzyme secretion is inhibited, and blood circulation is also hampered.

An erection is impossible in these conditions because all of the major blood arteries are blocked, even in the presence of sexual excitement.

This explains why the majority of smokers and drunks use ED drugs from bestonlinepharmacy, such as Generic Cialis 20mg pills.


Low insulin levels stop glucose from the blood from getting into the cells. Blood sugar levels rise as a result, to the point where even pee begins to taste sweet.

This illness is called diabetes, or diabetes mellitus. Monitoring your blood sugar levels is the only way to regulate this as it cannot be controlled with 100% accuracy.

Excess blood sugar makes blood no longer just blood but a mixture of blood and sugar, which prevents blood from adequately reaching the penis.

A fast food meal

Junk eating is one of the reasons Vidalista 20 Cenforce and Malegra 100 from best online pharmacy are necessary.

One food category with a high hazardous cholesterol content in the diet is fast food. Good cholesterol in the form of lipids is what the body needs. Bad cholesterol, however, causes the arteries that provide blood to the organs to narrow.

As a result, the heart must pump more faster to make up for the organs’ blood starvation, which raises blood pressure and causes hypertension.

Because the organs, including the penis, receive less blood, erection is consequently impossible. The condition is also known as obesity when the cholesterol is higher than normal. It is common for obese patients to simultaneously have diabetes and ED concurrently.

Depressive States

Someone suffering from mental illness is unlikely to actively pursue sexual pressure. The reasoning is simple: one must be worry- and anxiety-free to feel sexually excited.

The same holds for those who are gloomy, uneasy in social situations, and lonely. A person like that would never think of having sex. This is the reason why doctors look for depression before treating ED.

It’s general knowledge that the penis’ ability to remain erect is dependent on the flow of blood within it. Consequently, if there is an injury to the blood vessels and the region surrounding the penis. This could have a major effect on the blood flow through it.

If the damage is minor, it can be treated with medicine and surgery; if it is serious, the patient becomes a lifelong ED patient.

An individual in the ED is more vulnerable to mental health conditions including depression. In our culture, an ED patient is usually laughed at and made fun of. This kind of treatment undermines the patient’s self-worth and confidence, making them feels unworthy.

They thus experience mental instability, which ultimately leads to depression.

To counter such negative thoughts, practice yoga and meditation for at least thirty minutes every day.

Instead of viewing ED as a sign that you are a less macho person, treat it like any other condition. For them, these concepts are their main source of revenue.

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