Screen printed Shirts or Screen Printing?

Screen printed or printed t-shirts

The t-shirts you wear can’t be the same every day, can they? Usually, screen printing t-shirts or printed t-shirts in general tend to wear out, tear, be of poor quality and be outdated or unsightly.

How is that possible? Isn’t the t-shirt one of the most “common” and easiest garments to make? We all use t-shirts for sports, to go to the gym, to go on trips, and even to walk. Why don’t we have a better printed or screen-printed t-shirt? 

We know that quality products tend to be more difficult to acquire. Their costs are higher and we are not just talking about t-shirts.

Are you interested in having cheap t-shirts with interesting designs, first-class finishes, bright colors, resistant colors and a longer life? 

At t shirt screen printing Dallas have the t-shirt you need here. Check everything you are interested in knowing and everything you probably didn’t know but that will surprise you.

The importance of a good t-shirt

They are one of the most important items of clothing in our daily lives.

Do you only wear shirts? Well, part of using a good shirt is wearing a good printed t-shirt that stops sweating, that protects your body from the cold, humidity, sunlight, inclement weather and our daily routine.

For many people this becomes ambiguous, but are the screen printed t-shirts that we are buying and wearing right now any good?

T-shirts are used for sports, to go to the gym, to attend a casual meeting, to walk outdoors, their functionalities are too many and you can even personalize them, but we will talk about that later.

Cotton fibers help the resistance of this garment to sweat, it is a cool fabric that absorbs moisture, so cotton t-shirts work very well as underwear in case of extra sweating.

In addition to being completely biodegradable and belonging to the natural chain of decomposition, so while wearing a good cotton t-shirt you can feel calm knowing that you are not harming the environment.

T-shirts made of synthetic or polyester fibers are soft and adapt better to our body, they are more elastic but retain their shape for longer and are resistant to friction, heat, etc.

Ideal for high-performance sports activities, strenuous workouts. And the designs include ventilation that allows the skin to breathe while you continue exercising.

printed t-shirt or a screen-printed t-shirt is an excellent gift, for friends, for family, for children and for the elderly.

Everyone wears t-shirts and you can start by giving a good t-shirt. With or without a design, cotton or polyester, for women or men, for children or for the elderly. There are t-shirts for everyone.

A smart purchase is a safe purchase

Despite how necessary t-shirts are, how important they are in our daily lives. They are not made with the quality they should.

How is this possible? How many t-shirts do we buy a year? Do you like the designs they have or do they just increase their value disproportionately?

T-shirts should have a consistent price, especially when they don’t have any design. And even when they do it should be the same as what you have in mind.

The best purchase you could make is a good t-shirt, one that lasts long enough. That does not tear or wear out quickly or even for no apparent reason.

Don’t spend more money on t-shirts that promise to have style, but no durability, materials that break down and lose their identity with just a few uses, get better t-shirts with durable and high-quality materials, what you need in a t-shirt you find with our. 

Screen printed t-shirts

This type of t-shirt is distinguished by the screen printing technique used to decorate it or give it an aesthetic finish. It consists of applying several layers of textile or colored paint in order to print a unique style on each t-shirt.

Styles may vary and normally for a better effect on the quality of the screen printing it is recommended that the graphic be located on the front or back of the t-shirt.

The advantages of screen-printed t-shirts are the freshness and naturalness with which the designs can appear as part of the same fabric, it does not stand out much from being striking unless the colors are and it does not fade easily since wear The design achieved in screen printing will last as long as the t-shirt itself.

Printed T-shirts

This type of t-shirt is characterized by taking its own style from a vinyl print . This technique is achieved by printing a piece of vinyl with the desired design or graphic and then placing it on the garment, in this case a printed t-shirt.

These types of designs are very striking and stand out too much, their texture is very plastic.

Printed t-shirts focus more on the image of the graphic than on the quality of the t-shirt.

The advantages of this type of t-shirt are that the graphic or design does not go unnoticed and has a great focus of attention. Truly recommended when it comes to brands or important designs.

Some disadvantages it could have would be a lack of freshness, being detached from the texture of the fabric and if not taken enough care of, the vinyl could fall off.

What is the difference between a screen-printed t-shirt and a printed one?

While screen printed t-shirts retain a more artistic and casual finish, something more aimed at daily use.

Printed t-shirts are aimed at commercial terms, promotion and highlighting a brand, product or cause.

Clearly the reasons for purchasing either of the two are very different and this may help you learn even more. About what type of t-shirt you can choose for your design and the occasion.

Types of Screen Printing

While regarding the form of application and degree of human intervention, we find the following types:

  • Manual screen printing
  • Semi-automatic screen printing
  • circular screen printing
  • automatic screen printing

The options for printing are also varied, since we can apply it on t-shirts. T-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, bags or any promotional product that allows it. In addition, screen printing can be done in a wide variety of colors, it provides great printing durability. And the greater the number of printed garments, the more economical the process will be.

At Dallas Screen printing we have the best garments for screen printing. Whether with the purpose of highlighting your business or project, in a wide variety of colors, designs and with the best materials. Visit our online store and discover our products!

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