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Intuit created the advanced tool QuickBooks File Doctor to address some problems that may arise when dealing with the company file and using QuickBooks in multi-user mode. The tool, which was first made available with the 2012 release of QuickBooks Desktop, has undergone significant development to fix roughly half of the issues that QuickBooks Desktop faces. Do not fear if you encounter errors when accessing the QuickBooks company file or if you see messages like “list data is damaged or corrupt,” since QB File Doctor will assist you in immediately resolving these issues. If the Quickbooks file doctor does not work properly you can get help from QuickBooks online support.  

It is one of the amazing features of Quickbooks that is free to use and used to fix network and company file data damage. If we talk about the error that the Quickbooks file doctor used or you can say famous for fixing is a 6000 series of issues. The 6000 series is mostly encountered when users use Quickbooks in Multi-user mode. The one more error is the Quickbooks company file not found error is fixed by this tool. The important thing is if you are using an older version of Quickbooks and Quickbooks file doctor is not included in the program you can also get it from outside sources. 

How can you download the Quickbooks file doctor?

The ability to download QuickBooks File Doctor directly might not always be available. The user will need to download the QuickBooks Tool Hub application to use it. You may quickly search on the browser to get the download link for the app. After downloading, you must proceed to the file to complete the installation. 

Another method for completing the QB File Doctor download for 2021 or 2022 is to locate the tool’s direct URL online. You can utilize it if it’s offered for your software version. Simply download, install, and use the tool to get started. Additionally, Intuit has released the built-in File Doctor tool to make your work easier. For users using QuickBooks versions 2016 and beyond, this feature is now accessible.

List of issues that Quickbooks File Doctor helps you repair

The issues listed below can all be resolved with QuickBooks Doctor by your side:

  • It can fix opening-related issues such as error 6000-82, error 6150, error 6000-305, error 6147 and error 6130.
  • It can repair lists of your suppliers, clients, and workers that are either blank or missing.
  • Inconsistencies in settings or file damage can cause problems while utilizing the multi-user mode smoothly. In these situations, QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor can be useful.
  • This tool can repair component damage that renders the firm file inaccessible.
  • It can resolve errors that occur during the installation of the application. 
  • Quickbooks update errors can be fixed by this tool.
  • You can detect virus and malware attacks with this tool.
  • When the window registry is corrupted that time you need the Quickbooks Doctor tool.
  •  This tool can also fix any errors related to QB Database Server Manager.
  • It can fix corrupt files that would not open

Point to know before using Quickbooks file doctor

You must log in to the tool or software as an administrator. This is a necessary condition for its completion. There are still some points that the user should keep in mind before fixing QuickBooks Doctor errors. They are listed as follows: 

The size of the company file must not exceed 2 GB. This can cause obstacles to fix its errors. QuickBooks File Doctor is only compatible with  Windows versions of the software. Therefore, you may need help to be able to use it on Mac systems.  Microsoft.NET Framework must be installed before obtaining and using QuickBooks file repair software/tool.

Steps to run Quickbooks file doctor

Once you’ve fully familiarized yourself with the points to remember, it’s time to use the QuickBooks File Doctor tool. To do so, follow these steps.  

  •  To launch the QB File Doctor tool, go to the Business File Issues tab in the Tool Center.
  • You will see a middle option that says QBFD. It will take some time. 
  •   the tool is running it will take some time.
  • Go to the drop-down menu and click on the company file. If you cannot find the file, browse and locate the file.
  • Select the Check File option and press Continue. 
  •  In the last enter your QuickBooks admin password and press next. 

Please note that the scanning time depends entirely on the file size and may take around 10-15 minutes. After the scan is finished, open the company file and check if the error is fixed.

Advantages of Quickbooks file doctor 

If you are wondering why you should run QuickBooks File Doctor Download 2023, here are the benefits that will influence your decision: 

  •  QB File Doctor Tool is an easy-to-use tool when you have network and connection problems.
  •  Knowing how to run QB File Doctor can be a significant advantage if a business file causes problems and interruptions in opening or running smoothly.
  •  Annoying errors related to the 6000 series including  6000 errors 77, 6189, etc can be fixed with the file healer. 
  • Multi-user file access and hosting issues like  H202, H303, H505, etc. can be effectively solved with this tool.
  •  If your data files become damaged or corrupted, you can make a valuable backup and download the QuickBooks file for the doctor to run. This keeps your data safe and ensures you won’t lose anything.


That’s an overview of Quickbooks File Doctor. I hope you got an idea about the QBFD, the download process, and its uses. Simply, you can use it for some errors in company files, and if you are using Quickbooks in multi-user mode. It works like a doctor for Quickbooks company files. Additionally, to download this you have to download the Quickbooks tool hub after that you can download the Quickbooks file doctor from the Quickbooks tool hub.  For any help related to Quickbooks software you can contact to Quickbooks support team, here the experts help you with Quickbooks any problems and Queries. You can contact them anytime and your queries will be resolved immediately.     

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