International Students in Australia: Banned Pakistan Degrees

For international students in Australia, Australia is a top choice for international students looking for quality education and an immersive cultural environment. Recently, Australia has seen an influx of students hailing from various nations, including Pakistan; however, not all university degrees awarded by Pakistani institutions are recognized by Australia – the Australian government regularly revises and updates a list of universities from Pakistan that won’t be admitted until 2024. This article seeks to shed light on this complex topic by providing clarity around why some Pakistani universities are banned from Australia when dealing with future international students in Australia.

Increased International Student Enrollments in Australia

Australia has long been an attractive study destination due to its top-rated education system, diverse society, and stunning natural surroundings. According to recent statistics, more than 900,000 international students are currently enrolled at Australian institutions, making Australia the third most sought-after after the United States and the United Kingdom as student destinations.

Australia is home to students from around the globe, including Pakistani nationals. Pakistani international students in Australia are attracted by world-renowned universities like Melbourne University, Australian National University, and Sydney University; however, accepting Pakistani universities remains controversial in Australia.

Recognizing and Accrediting Pakistani University Degrees in Australia

The Australian government is determined to uphold and enhance its educational system, so it scrutinizes international university degrees to determine their compliance with Australian standards. Acknowledging their degrees could significantly benefit Pakistani international students in Australia academic and professional future in Australia.

Pakistani universities seeking Recognition in Australia must meet specific requirements. These include meeting specific educational and curriculum standards as well as academic regulations. If any college or university program fails to fulfil these prerequisites, restrictions or bans could occur.

Factors Leading to Australia’s Ban on Pakistani University Degrees

Reasons behind Australia’s decision to ban universities of Pakistani origin include:

  1. Quality of Education: Australian Authorities review the quality of education provided in Pakistani universities. If one or more consistently fails to meet requirements, Australian authorities can ban it altogether.
  2. Accreditation and Recognition: The Lack of proper accreditation by relevant authorities in Pakistan could pose a significant barrier for Pakistani universities in Australia.
  3. Academic Rigor: Australian officials assess the academic programs provided by Pakistani universities for quality control purposes. If discrepancies arise in their curriculums, Australian officials may prohibit specific programs altogether.
  4. Legal and Regulatory Compliance: Meeting Australian law and regulation is vital to Recognition. Please do so to avoid degrees being denied.
  5. Change in Circumstances: Sometimes, circumstances that led to exclusion can change, giving rise to reconsideration or reinstatement options.
  6. List of Banned University Degrees from Pakistani Universities in Australia (2024)
International Students in Australia
International Students in Australia

Australia has issued a list of university degrees granted from Pakistani Universities, which have been banned in Australia (2020-24).

  • Bachelor of Arts (General) – Lahore College for Women University
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) – Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi
  • Bachelor of Computer Science – University of the Punjab
  • Bachelor of Electrical Engineering – NED University of Engineering and Technology
  • Doctor of Medicine (MBBS) – King Edward Medical University
  • Master of Arts (General) – Quaid-i-Azam University
  • Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) – University of Karachi

Be mindful that this list can change, so before making your final decision about which degrees are offered in Australia, contact the respective authorities first to get confirmation.

Effects on International Students

Pakistani universities’ exclusion from Australian university enrollment will have far-reaching repercussions for international students in Australia, who devote their time, money, and energy to pursue a higher educational path to attain a top-quality degree that will strengthen their chances of career success.

The international students in Australia  enrolled in programs that do not allow or revoke degrees could find themselves in an untenable situation should their degrees not be granted or cancelled, possibly forcing them to consider alternatives such as transferring to a recognized university, changing fields of studies, or, in rare instances returning home to Pakistan for studies.

What Is the Future of Pakistani University Degrees in Australia?

Australian authorities regularly assess and may change their position regarding certain degrees and could reinstate them should Pakistani universities implement measures to enhance course quality and comply with Australian standards. Some degrees could be reinstated.

To ensure the long-term viability of Pakistani degree programs in Australia, both Pakistani institutions and Australian government officials need to work collaboratively in addressing any reasons that led to a ban on these degrees.


Accreditation and Recognition of Pakistani degree programs within Australia is of great concern to international students in Australia from Pakistan. Australia is widely viewed as an ideal location for higher learning; however, certain degrees awarded by Pakistani institutions may be restricted or banned within Australia – an issue for students from outside who have expended time, money, and hopes in acquiring these degrees.

The lack of degrees stems from several factors, including high-quality education and academic discipline, as well as compliance with regulations. Pakistani institutions must focus on improving the quality of their education to align it with Australian standards to attract international students in Australia while at the same time increasing the reputation associated with Pakistani educational institutions in Australia.

The Australian government regularly reviews degrees that have been banned. There may be opportunities for improvement within a short time. Through collaboration and efforts from both parties involved, some degrees may even be reinstated within years.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the reasons that certain Pakistani university degrees are not recognized in Australia?

Some degrees are banned in Australia due to subpar education quality and accreditation practices that do not comply with Australian standards.

What should international students do when their degrees aren’t recognized in Australia?

Students studying abroad with banned degrees may need to consider switching institutions, switching subjects, and moving back home to Pakistan.

Can banned degrees be reinstated within a reasonable timeframe?

The degree ban may be reviewed if Pakistani institutions enhance education quality and meet Australian standards.

Does Australia provide any means of validating Pakistani University degrees issued to Australian residents?

Reaching out to Australian officials or an institution of higher learning for verification purposes may also help.

How can Pakistani organizations ensure that their degrees are accepted in Australia?

Pakistani institutions should improve education quality by attaining proper accreditation and adhering to Australian standards.

Are there options available to international students in Australia with degrees that aren’t accepted as degrees?

International students in Australia can access degree programs or institutions recognized by Australia.

Is there a list of prohibited degrees for 2024, and where can it be located?

Contacting the Australian government or education authorities will enable you to gain access to a complete list of prohibited degrees. However, since this list can change, you must update yourself with any recent changes for accurate and up-to-date information.

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