Furnishing Tips from Aosom Coupon Codes: A Guide

Combining different living areas can be challenging. After all, living rooms, dining rooms, work rooms, and bedrooms have different functions, but should still work harmoniously together to create a good feeling of space. This raises questions like:

  • How do I best structure the room?
  • Where do I place which furniture?
  • How do I create harmony and at the same time divide the different zones?

Consolidating residing regions can be an extraordinary method for saving space and making a more open and vaporous feel in your home. Nonetheless, it can likewise be trying to know how to outfit a joined living region in a manner that is both utilitarian and upscale.

Tips on the best way to consolidate living regions utilizing furniture from Aosom Furniture:

  • Use region carpets to characterize various spaces. On the off chance that your joined living region is huge, you can utilize region mats to make different discussion regions. For instance, you could put a region floor covering under your couch and footstool to make a seating region for visitors, and afterward place one more region mat under a feasting table to make an eating region.
  • Pick furniture that is scaled to your space. Assuming you have a little consolidated living region, it is critical to pick furniture that is scaled to your space. All things considered, pick furniture that is more modest in scale and that has a perfect and moderate plan.
  • Use multifunctional furniture. Multifunctional furniture is an extraordinary method for saving space in a consolidated living region. For instance, you could pick a footstool that has capacity inside or a couch that proselytes into a bed.
  • Make a point of convergence. Each room ought to have a point of convergence, and this is particularly obvious in a joined living region. A point of convergence could be a chimney, a huge window, or a piece of workmanship.

Explicit furniture suggestions from Aosom Furniture that you could use to join your living regions:

  • Sectional couch: A sectional couch is an extraordinary method for making an adaptable seating region in a consolidated living region. You can orchestrate the sectional couch to make different discussion regions, or you can utilize it to make a hindrance between the living region and the feasting region.
  • Footstool with capacity: A footstool with capacity is an incredible method for saving space and keeping your living region clean. You can store things like books, magazines, and controllers inside the footstool.
  • Ottoman: A footrest is another extraordinary multifunctional household item that you can use in a joined residing region. You can involve it as an additional seat, an end table, or an ottoman.
  • Eating table: Assuming that your consolidated living region incorporates a feasting region, pick an eating table that is scaled to your space and that has a style that supplements the remainder of your furnishings.
  • Feasting seats: While picking eating seats, it is essential to pick seats that are agreeable and that have a style that supplements your feasting table.

By following these tips, you can undoubtedly consolidate your living regions utilizing furniture from Aosom Furniture to make a practical and upscale space.

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The correct division as a central factor

First of all, the question arises as to how best to divide the space. It is advisable to think more carefully about your own need for sociability, protection, and security.  These very own preferences play a role, that we are often not even aware of, especially when positioning elementary furnishings such as dining tables, beds, sofas, or cupboard systems.

Also, make sure you have a beautiful view and are close to the kitchen or bathroom if you want to combine several living areas. For example, it is recommended that the dining and work areas be closer to the kitchen in order to keep walking distances as short as possible.

What advantages does the ideal combination of living areas offer?

Combined living areas are extremely popular because the open structure creates a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere and also promotes communication. If you want to combine two living areas, you also have many design options with which you can optimally structure your rooms and create maximum comfort. Different living islands promote coziness in large rooms, but at the same time make small rooms with combined living areas appear more comfortable.

Combining living areas means dividing rooms

Different living areas have different functions, which is why rooms with several living zones must be divided. Different living areas can be divided spatially and visually. For example, if you want to combine living and dining as living areas, you can structure the room in both ways.

The spatial separation of living areas

Sometimes the architecture of a room already provides a separating structure, so that columns, sloping ceilings, or a step act as a spatial separator between two living areas. These architectural elements can be combined with furniture such as chests of drawers, sideboards, or low consoles to make the distinction more obvious.

In addition, room dividers and open closet systems are ideal for separating combined living areas from one another. The more compartments remain free, the lighter the room appears. If storage space is required, the lower compartments are ideal for equipping with boxes and baskets.

In the living dining room, you also have the option of using the sofa as a spatial divider. If the couch is equipped with an all-around cover so that the back is also attractive, this is a modern way to optimally structure a combined living-dining room.

If you want to combine two living areas, large house plants or screens can also be used to separate the space.

The visual division of living areas

Especially in small rooms, it can be advantageous to visually separate different living areas from one another. By avoiding furniture as a room divider, small rooms appear lighter.

It is very easy to visually divide combined living areas with different floor and wall designs. For example, you can equip the living area with a carpet, while the dining area offers a view of parquet or floorboards.

In addition, different wall colors are a good way to structure combined living areas. Just a colored stripe or a narrow wallpapered section is enough to visually separate two zones. A colored accent wall in a living area is also a great way to divide the room.

How can optical connections be created?

When combining several living areas, it is advisable to visually connect the two zones to create a harmonious overall picture. To do this, pick up the colors, shapes, and materials from one area in the other so that a common thread runs through the entire room.

Tip: Wall mirrors are ideal for visually connecting combined living areas. Simply place a larger mirror in one area so that it reflects the other area.

Checklist: Combine living areas

If you want to combine two or more living areas, it is advisable to pay particular attention to the room structure.

  • Consider individual needs for security and sociability
  • Beautiful view and proximity to kitchen and bathroom
  • Use columns, sloping ceilings, and steps to divide the space
  • Furniture as spatial dividers: shelves, sideboards, sofas
  • Create visual divisions using different floor and wall designs
  • Use colors, shapes, and materials to create a visual connection

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