Canada PR Card: How to Apply and Eligibility Criteria

Canada, known for its breathtaking landscapes, diverse culture, and strong economy, attracts immigrants from around the world seeking a better life. If you aspire to make Canada your permanent home, a Canada Permanent Resident (PR) card is your gateway to this dream. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of applying for a Canada PR card and discuss the eligibility criteria you need to meet.


What is a Canada PR Card?

A Canada Permanent Resident (PR) card is a vital document for immigrants who have been granted permanent resident status in Canada. It serves as proof of your legal status and allows you to travel in and out of Canada while enjoying the privileges and benefits offered to permanent residents.


Eligibility for Canada PR Card

Before diving into the application process, it is essential to understand the eligibility criteria that determine your qualification for a Canada PR card:


  1. Permanent Resident Status: To apply for a PR card, you must be a permanent resident of Canada. The Canadian government typically grants permanent residency through various immigration programs, such as Express Entry, Family Sponsorship, Provincial Nominee Programs, and more. You must have the legal status of a permanent resident to apply for a PR card.


  1. Physical Presence: To be eligible for a PR card, you must have lived in Canada for at least 730 days (2 years) out of the last 5 years immediately preceding your application. This means you should have spent a considerable amount of time physically residing in Canada as a permanent resident.


  1. Compliance with Canadian Immigration Laws: You must ensure that you have not committed any serious criminal offenses and have not violated Canadian immigration laws. If you have, it may impact your eligibility for a PR card.


  1. Filing Taxes: You should have filed Canadian income taxes for at least 2 out of the last 5 years if required under the Income Tax Act. This requirement underscores your commitment to being a responsible and contributing member of Canadian society.


Applying for a Canada PR Card

Once you have determined that you meet the eligibility criteria, you can proceed with the application process for a Canada PR card:


Gather Required Documents:

Start by collecting all the important papers you need. These include things like proof that you’re a permanent resident, your travel documents, and documents that show you’ve been in Canada. These could be things like bills, rental agreements, work records, and any other papers that prove you’ve been living in Canada.


Complete the Application Package:

You have the option to get the application package for a Canada PR card (IMM 5444) from the official Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website. It’s important to fill out all the parts of the application accurately and provide all the information they ask for. Get ready to share a detailed history of your travels and the papers that back up your application.


Pay the Application Fee:

When you send in your application, you’ll need to include a processing fee. It’s important to note that this fee might vary, so it’s crucial to check the most up-to-date fees on the IRCC website. The good news is that you can usually make the payment online through different methods.


Mail Your Application:

Once you’ve finished filling out the application and made the payment, it’s time to send your application package to the address they give you in the instructions. Along with your application, make sure to enclose a copy of your permanent resident card. If your card has expired, don’t worry – you can still include a copy of your Record of Landing or Confirmation of Permanent Residence. This helps confirm your status as a permanent resident.


Wait for Processing:

The processing time for Canada PR card applications can be different for each case. That’s why it’s crucial to regularly check the current processing times on the IRCC website to stay up to date. While you’re waiting for a decision, it’s important to meet the requirement of physically being in Canada. Make sure you adhere to the necessary duration of stay to maintain your eligibility during this waiting period.


Attend Biometrics Appointment (if required):

Your country of residence and your circumstances may require you to attend a biometrics appointment. The instructions for this will be provided during the processing of your application.


Receiving Your Canada PR Card:

If your application gets approved, the authorities will send your PR card to you by mail. The card typically has a validity of five years, and you can renew it before it expires.



Obtaining a Canada PR card is a crucial step in your journey to becoming a Canadian permanent resident. Meeting the eligibility criteria, gathering the necessary documents, and following the application process meticulously are essential for a successful application. Keep in mind that Canadian immigration laws and procedures can change. Therefore, it’s always advisable to consult the official Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website or seek legal counsel for the most up-to-date and accurate information. Your dream of calling Canada your permanent home can become a reality. This can be achieved with dedication and adherence to the guidelines laid out in this guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Canada PR card?

A Canada Permanent Resident (PR) card is a document that confirms your permanent resident status in Canada and allows you to travel in and out of the country.

2. How can I apply for a Canada PR card?

To apply for a PR card, you need to complete the application package (IMM 5444), pay the required fee, and submit the necessary documents to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

3. What are the eligibility criteria for a Canada PR card?

Eligibility criteria include being a permanent resident, meeting physical presence requirements, complying with immigration laws, and filing Canadian income taxes as required.

4. How long is a Canada PR card valid?

A PR card is typically valid for five years. It can be renewed before its expiration.

5. Where can I check the processing times for a Canada PR card application?

You can find the current processing times for PR card applications on the official IRCC website.

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