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Pulse Dust Gas CO2 Sensors Manufacturer Company is a professional air quality sensors manfuacturer.Our products include laser dust sensors, infrared dust sensors, CO2 sensors, integrated air quality sensors, TVOC sensor modules and formaldehyde sensors. At present, these products are widely used in household appliances, automotive electronics, medical health, industrial monitoring and other fields, and have won the support and love of domestic and foreign markets with their excellent sensitivity, good stability and fast response time. The company has high-precision testing equipment and experienced R & D teams, and caters to the rich and changing production needs through advanced processing technology and highly flexible production configuration. We have implemented a strict product quality standard system, and all products will go through standard testing and inspection before leaving the factory. What's more, we also attach great importance to improving customer service and user experience. Air quality and environmental protection have always been topics that people are very concerned about and are closely related to human health. We hope to protect lives, health and safety by helping to improve air quality. Welcome to contact us! Please visit

I. Structure and Principle 1. Laser dust sensors When we mention the phrase “laser”, the first thing that comes to mind is the cool and powerful laser weapons in science fiction movies. In fact, lasers are widely used not only in the military, but also in medical, illumination, ranging, cutting, IT and other fields. The word “LASER” stands for Light Amplification Stimulated Emission Radiation. Common lasers can be generally divided into three types: solid lasers, gas lasers and semiconductor lasers (also called laser LED). In the field of high-end dust sensors, laser LED is commonly used as the light source. Because the laser…

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