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Sharetrade Artificial Plant Manufacturer Co., Ltd is a most stylish and innovative artificial plants supplier.In our showing room we have displayed as many as 19 categories and 1343 products. Among them there involves artificial plants, artificial flower, artificial bonsai, artificial leaves, Christmas decorations, artificial wreath, fake hanging plant, faux branch and so on.We will never stop developing and fabricating new items for our customers and our showing room. We has accumulated many years experience of design, manufacture, marketing, sales and customer services. You will rest assured of our on-time delivery, responsible staffs and good quality of products. Our artificial plants orders grows annually.Our clients includes many important company domestically and abroad. They are from different countries, USA, Japan, Spain, Russia, Poland, Korea,Japan,France etc. With sharetrade artificial plant you will never miss a shining summer! Please visit,

Do you think fake plants have the same benefits as real plants? I want to share an article that i have found in somewhere as below. My husband asked me a question the other day that I could not readily answer. He said “do you think fake plants have the same benefits as real plants?” He was referring to my studies in horticulture therapy. I had to tell him that I did not know. Simply having nature nearby has been proven to provide a host of benefits. These include emotional, physiological, and psychological aspects. But does a fake plant count?…

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