10 Tears Of The Kingdom Enemies That Are Fun To Fight

When people fight these enemies in Tears of the Kingdom, they might have a great time.

Tears of the Kingdom has a lot of interesting and hard fights because it has over twenty different types of enemies. In its huge world, enemies change shape based on the weather, and now that the depths are here, many common monsters do more damage when they’re hit by gloom. The game teaches players a lot of different moves they can use against enemies, like ducking, flurry rushing, and slowing down the game when Link is shooting an arrow from the air. Some Zelda fans thought that Breath of the Wild, which came before Tears of the Kingdom, didn’t have enough enemies. The sequel has fixed this problem by keeping familiar enemies and adding brand-new ones for Link to beat.

Many players are happy with the changes that have been made to the enemies, but some players find some monsters annoying or repeated. There are some enemies in Tears of the Kingdom that are only there to give you monster parts for cooking, fusing with weapons, and upgrading your armor. This can make the hundreds of Bokoblins and Moblins annoying after a while. But the game has plenty of enemies that are a little less common but much more fun to fight.

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