10 Best Haunted House Build Ideas In Minecraft

Just in time for Halloween, try building these scary houses in Minecraft.

As Minecraft is a sandbox game where you can use different blocks to build whatever you want, it’s not surprising that some people have used the Halloween mood to build scary houses. Whether you want to build a map for your friends to play on or want to recreate a famous scene from your favorite horror movie, you should look online for build tips and ideas.

Lucky for you, a lot of people have written detailed guides on how to build these scary things, so you can follow along without worrying about how good you are at building. Check out the list below for some of the best tips on how to make a scary Minecraft world.

Michael Myers’ House

7b2da7be-c6b2-4e4e-8f7a-10d3e10bc5c6.jpeg (740×370)

Every horror fan knows that Michael Myers loves Halloween because that’s when he usually starts his killing spree. You can build the Myers family home right out of the made-up town Haddonfield by following JuicyTaz201’s building instruction.

For those who don’t know, Halloween is an old horror show about people who are being chased by a killer wearing a creepy white mask. This famous suburban house of horrors fits right in with Minecraft’s blocky style, so you can bring all the scary things from the movie right into the game.

Witch’s Hat Haunted House

9f154746-9306-487e-9be0-ff79f7b664f9.jpeg (740×370)

You don’t have to make every ghost house scary. Take a look at this Witch’s Hat house as an example. The base of this house is made of orange concrete that looks like a pumpkin, and it has a big witch’s hat on top of it that also serves as a roof.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to go to the Nether to finish this build because the hat is made of black stone if you want to build this strange house in your own Minecraft world. You might also want to use silk touch on a pickaxe or shovel to get coral and podzol, which will really help decorate the ground around the pumpkin.

Glowing Haunted House

349c2ace-76e4-4e46-9be7-f279dbd4bfbb.jpeg (740×370)

A color pack makes this house really shine, but it can still give off a creepy glow in any Minecraft World. To build this beautiful home, you need to go to the nether and get some red planks. These will be used to build the walls of the house.

Then, all you have to do is turn the glass lime green and put a light behind the windows. So you can see the glow at night from outside the spooky house. When you build this, keep in mind that it only looks good on the outside. Because the lights inside take up a lot of room on the furniture.

Classic Haunted House

160e71bf-71e3-48d7-97ed-4753b09bd8b0.jpeg (740×370)

Please look at BrokenPixelSK’s build if you want to make a spooky house that isn’t too hard. It’s pretty easy and has everything a horror fan could want. In particular, this house has a style that is a bit like Victorian architecture, complete with pumpkins and cobwebs for extra decoration.

It shouldn’t be too hard to get the building supplies together before you start building because the house is mostly made of stone brick, spruce wood, and cobbled deep slate. We also told them to get some bamboo before they started building the house because scaffolding can help them build roofs that are hard to get to.

Dark Haunted House

efec40c8-d563-468d-b951-acd0eee93018.jpeg (740×370)

You can build Kelpie the Fox’s Haunted House, which is made of dark stone and wood. If you have the right material pack. This build is great because it can be used for different things at different times of the year.

To get into the Halloween spirit in months like October, you can make your home look scarier. During other times of the year, the all-black house will still stand out. But it can be styled to look more modern instead of old and scary.

The Conjuring House

45538cd9-119a-4e86-80ad-821273d37d8c.jpeg (740×370)

The Conjuring is widely thought to be one of the scariest horror movies of all time. It’s about a family who moves into a new house and finds that it also has a dark spirit living in it. This well-known house of horrors has been made in Minecraft by Sky Blue Creation, and now you can play it too.

With its wide porch and big pillars that hold up the roof, this house looks like a classic southern home. Before you start building this spooky house, make sure you leave enough space for a big basement. This will be one of the most important and scary rooms in the whole thing.

Coraline-Inspired Gothic Mansion

e4c888fd-cf11-44af-aaec-0455b90164af.jpeg (740×370)

The idea for this very tall gothic home came from the scary and funny animated movie Coraline. But it’s not an exact copy of a famous house of horrors. Compared to other slasher houses, this one is much more surreal. With its tall walls and peaked roofs, the whole house seems to reach into the sky.

For this build, the walls can be made of either mangrove or cherry wood logs. And the roof can be made of either cobbled deep slate or black stone. It’s important to remember that this building is meant to be upright. So you’ll need some scaffolding to make sure you don’t die by falling.

Victorian Haunted Mansion

3a3dd24f-961d-48e4-9386-9561c50f859b.jpeg (740×370)

There is something very wrong with an empty Victorian house. And this scary building works really well in the blocky world of Minecraft. You can make your own Victorian house in Spacebar Clicker by following WBC Builds’ tutorial. You can decorate it however you want.

Remember that this house works best in a certain setting. So you might want to clear out a Dark Forest or a Savanna before you start building. Make sure you get a lot of stone, concrete, wood, and black stone, too. Because you will need all of them to build this impressive house.

Addams Family Home

41d2524f-b286-4952-ae99-091565cccef8.jpeg (740×370)

Because of how well the Netflix show Wednesday did, the Addams Family are once again in the public eye. I thought building their house on top of a Minecraft cliff would be a great way to honor this famous horror family.

This house looks like it was built in the Victorian era too. But it is mostly made of stone and cobbled deep slate blocks. Plus, if you really want this house to fit in with its surroundings, you could switch out the grass for podzol or mycelium and fill any empty spots with plants from the nether.

The Haunted Mansion

4ab810f6-073d-4f41-a886-1ee790638b23.jpeg (740×370)

The spooky Mansion is one of the most well-known spooky houses ever. It has its own movie and an amusement park ride. This house is full of different ghosts, making it a great way to show off your building skills or make a fun horror-themed game for your friends to play.

To make this build work, you’ll need to clear out a big area to put the hou. So building in creative mode might be best. You should also make sure there is enough lighting outside the house. So that you can see it glow in the dark.

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