10 Best Costumes Revealed In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 So Far

Between the stories and clothes in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, the game looks like it will have a lot to offer. As of now, Insomniac has said that the game will have more than 60 suits, each with its own color design. Fans have already started to figure out what some of the suits in the trailers are. Miles and Peter will look great.

The game’s release date is getting closer and closer, and everyone is excited to see what new and old tools, suits, and skills will be in the follow up to one of Marvel’s best games. For both Spider-Men, here are ten of the best suits that have been shown to the public so far.

Honorable Mention: Peter Parker’s Ben Reilly (Las Vegas) Suit

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There wasn’t a lot of information shown about this suit; only the back was shown. It had to be said, though, because the colors and textures stand out so much. Ben, Peter’s clone brother, is known for having a lot of different suits, but the Las Vegas Scarlet Spider suit has never really gotten the attention it deserves.

But putting this suit higher on the list before seeing the front of it wouldn’t be fair. People who read a lot of comic books can easily guess how the spider emblem will look, but you never know what extra touches Insomniac may have added. This suit is still worth mentioning for now.

Miles Morales’ Puerto Rican Suit

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That’s nice to see. Miles’ Puerto Rican background has become much more visible and important thanks to projects like the Spiderverse movies and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. The culture and influence of Rio Morales have touched her son deeply.

That’s what the internet has been calling the Puerto Rican suit so far. It’s a simple, sweet, and effective way to show this. Miles’ black and red standard flag has a bright red Puerto Rican flag in the middle of it. It all sounds like Captain America, and it’s a fun way to honor Morales’ family history.

Peter Parker’s Sam Raimi Symbiote Suit

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Anyone who liked Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movie can hear the symbiote song in their head right now. Fans were really excited to see if the symbiote would change any of the suits in the game, and so far it looks like it will. After all, there was a 2099 symbiote suit in the State of Play video for a very, very short time.

The cool black and gray suit is really just a grayscale version of Raimi’s webbed suit. Still, it looks so cool against the clear blue sky of New York City. When the Symbiote suit was first shown off, it was also worn with the Iron Spider legs, which were now a cold gray color. It will be interesting to see how the Symbiote changes Peter’s skills and tools.

Miles Morales’ Family Business Suit

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A very bad thing that happened to Miles was because of his uncle Aaron, who goes by the name “The Prowler.” In the world of Insomniac, Miles and Aaron’s connection is complicated. Hopefully, Spider-Man 2 will add to that complexity, as the Prowler’s logo is shown in trailers and on the map more than once.

The Family Business suit looks a lot like a changed version of the Purple Reign suit from Miles Morales’ game. The game also has the Purple Reign color scheme as a suit style choice. The cool suit is based on Aaron’s Iron Spider suit from Marvel Comics, as seen in the default color scheme. It’s a great concept that works well and is easy to understand.

Miles Morales’ Shadow Spider Suit

screenshot-2023-10-06-at-16-1.jpg (740×370)

With Peter Parker’s Arachnid suit, the Shadow Spider suit is a pre-order suit that looks a lot like Miles, but it’s darker and more brutal. The color design is simple but effective, with the black tactical armor and a bloody red color. There are strapped-on knives, gauntlets, and a hooded, torn cape that cover Miles’ body. The suit is gothic.

The mask for the Shadow Spider is a little different from how it looks in comic books. This version of Miles has the top half of Miles’ default mask along with the cloaked face mask, unlike the Miles from the comics. The suit would have been better if it had used Miles’ eyes without the mask on, or at least a more jagged version of the lenses and wiring.

Peter Parker’s Arachknight Suit

spider-man-2-3188630-2.jpg (740×370)

The story and theme of the Arachknight suit are connected to Khonshu’s fist as Moon Knight. The suit stands out because of its dramatic and tactical features. The suit is a great and unique take on the friendly neighborhood webslinger. It has everything from loose combat pants to a jagged hood to silver gauntlets and, of course, a curved cape.

Peter’s huge spider logo on his torso really jumps out, and the accents on his sleeves, torso, and mask look great against the more Marc Spector-styled parts of the costume. That’s a great suit that feels unique and special because of its story and style.

Miles Morales’ Classic Suit

miles-morales-1.jpg (740×370)

Even more than his master, Miles Morales is always trying to get better as Spider-Man. Along with that way of thinking comes a new version of his classic suit, which has different colors and patterns. The suit is now a darker shade of black instead of black and gray, and the red color is stronger and more saturated.

The new suit has smooth, shiny fabrics that almost glow in the dark, replacing the older version’s more matte ones. The red ones have sharper edges and go all the way down Miles’ sleeves and up to his hands. The suit has been changed to make it more modern, and the young hero can wear it in a stylish way.

Peter Parker’s Symbiote Suit

spider-man-2.jpg (740×370)

Fans are most excited about the symbiote version of the Advanced 2.0 suit, which has become the star of the secret game. The symbiote suit has given Peter Parker a whole new set of symbiote-related moves and skills, which have shown a different side of the calm and kind Peter Parker. He is more angry and mean because the suit has taken over him.

The smooth, ooze-like texture makes it feel like a live thing has grabbed Spider-Man. It really stands out with its spiked eyes and bright white spider logo. The suit is padded and formed almost like armor. The smooth, moving lines and almost reflective, silky textures give Wordle Unlimited a truly strange feel that every player can’t wait to see in action.

Peter Parker’s Superior Spider-Man Suit

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Fans have been waiting a long time to play as the Superior Spider-Man. However, it’s likely that Doctor Octopus won’t be putting Peter’s mind in this suit. The tactical, sleek, and streamlined suit is a darker color and has the standard metallic gauntlets, utility belt, and angry, squinted eyes that reflect light.

The default style has the right color scheme for a comic, with a darker touch of red. There are two great comic book nods to the Superior mythos in the alternate styles. The reverse color scheme is connected to the alternate universe Norman Osborn, who turned into the Superior Spider-Man. The white and green outfit is connected to Otto’s story of becoming the Superior Octopus again.

Peter Parker’s Advanced Suit 2.0

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Fans quickly became attached to Sony’s Spider-Man’s Advanced suit because it was already a great suit. But For the sequel, Insomniac chose to make some changes and made the Advanced suit 2.0. There are many small but obvious changes to the design of this suit that make it stand out and be even better than before.

Due to the much more vibrant and warm red color and the brighter blue color, the suit looks much better. It’s easier to see and join the lines, especially on the sleeves. The spider logo on the chest is now a bit more streamlined; it stays inside the red instead of spilling out onto the blue. The suit is now one of Peter’s best looks ever after the changes.

Peter Parker’s Amazing Fantasy Suit

collage-maker-05-oct-2023-12-28-am-1302.jpg (740×370)

The original, the most famous, and the most famous Amazing Fantasy suit, also known as the standard suit. Without this design, there would never have been a Spider-Man. It was beautifully made by the great Steve Ditko. In any Marvel game with Spider-Man, he always wears some version of this suit. And Spider-Man 2 does a great job of making it come to life.

The Amazing Fantasy suit is a nod to the original Peter Parker with the big eyes and small spider logo. With suit styles, players can play with the normal Spider-Man colors, the classic red and blue that have been desaturated, a blue that is brighter and more colorful, or an Arachnid Man style that has been turned upside down. This outfit is great for that one time when you want to wear something that will always look good.

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